Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Every bunny thing old is new again

How to fight bunny boredom has been discussed (in this post). 
Apparently, you can also rearrange the furniture.

On pen cleaning day, we usually take everything out to vacuum and clean. When we have to hurry, we might just pile everything up in a corner and work around it (it gets us 80%+ there).

Well, it seems the tower of their stuff made it all interesting and explorable again. Don't worry - they can't get any higher than they usually do and it is actually very stable.

Their "funhouse" was out of place for cleaning and that made it the subject of intense scrutiny by all three buns.

Ethel getting nosed out of the way by Bunya,
with Lucy blocking Ethel's progress.
All aboard!

Bunya asserts his position as the Grand Poobah.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bunny Monday Meme*day (Le cinéma)

Well, as long as we're on the topic of shadow bunnies ...

Yeah, um, fingers on the right hand could be knotted for a while ... like Mom said, it could stick like that.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bunya update

Bunya came home from the vet late Saturday afternoon. Early that morning, Lucy & Ethel had been dropped off to room with Bunya for the day. Without this step, there could  be some re-bonding issues because (1) Bunya had been gone for almost a week and (2) Bunya would smell like the vet's office and not himself. This way, the girls got a little shake-up on the ride over, Bunya spends the day asserting his alpha status (the way bunnies do - even fixed ones) and they rode home in the carrier together.

Have not seen any big tufts of hair on the floor, which is a good thing.

The first thing Bunya did was chin everything.
"If I chin it, it's mine."
Lucy watched this from under the castle
on their "funhouse" (you can see her above).

Poor little Ethel watched from atop
the cinder bock behind the funhouse,
You can actually see her in the first picture
but here she is more clearly.

After a while, they seemed to be getting a little closer.

Bunya also settled into the premier flop spot,
just inside their pen by the gate.
Bunya checking out the hay cube box,
under Lucy's intense scrutiny.

Ethel, always the sweetest, snuggles close to Bunya.

They still seem a little cool towards each other, though,
and we are looking for more signs they are really re-bonding.
Bunya still feels the need to chase the girls around some
to make sure the first treat is his.

While he has made progress in breaking down the hairball obstruction in his stomach, Bunya still has to take medicine (Metoclopramide syrup and the rest of a tube of Bene-Bac Plus he started at the vet). Unfortunately, unlike the last time we had to go through this with him, he has decided that he does not like them and fights mightily to have you squirt yourself with the sticky liquid and wear the pasty goop.

Thank you to all the wonderful RRRR (Regular Rabbit Ramblings Readers) who sent Bunya healing thoughts and wishes and inquired as to his status. We're hoping for a full recovery,,, it just takes time.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mr. B - back in the bunny ICU

Bunya's behavior was off. He was exhibiting his classic signs that something was wrong. This is not the first time it has happened and it was detailed in the post, Bunny Care: Monitor your bunny's mood. It's an important one so please read it.

Bunya has a hairball so the vet is keeping him hydrated with subcutaneous fluids and administering medicines to help him break down the mass. Hopefully, he can be home for the holiday and we will continue his medicine.

Pictures are from my visit yesterday afternoon.

Bunya - not happy to be here.
Opposable thumbs -
the human can get both ears at once.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make it a Happy 4th of July for your bunnies, too!

You remember the holiday message right?
Don't drink and drive.
Don't text and drive.
Don't drink and text (you can get into a lot of trouble this way, too).
When boating, wear a big orange life vest (you humans look so funny in those).
Play with your bunnies and give them lots of treats!

Be grateful to be in the land of the free and the home of the buns.

Well, here's another one: Bunnies don't like fireworks.
It stresses them just like other sudden and/or loud noises.

If your bunny's neighborhood is firecracker noisy, keep the buns cool and quiet.
Close the windows and doors.

Play music - peaceful, easy listening (not loud). Think elevator music.
(No hair bands or hare bands. Stay away from 1812 Overture.)
Your TV service might even have a suitable channel in its lineup - you just never tune to those channels.

If you do not already have boxes for them to play on and in, get some plain cardboard boxes (not slick or a lot of ink/color, no staples, labels or tape); cut at least two openings in each box big enough for your bunny to get in and out. They can hide in them, to further mute the noise and feel a little safer.

Keep them company and reassure them that everything's okay. Pet them if they are the petting kind of bunnies. Have a couple of healthy treats handy (Bunya told me to say that).

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July holiday!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Previously saw these bunnies celebrating on the GHRS Facebook page and their humans from Langhorne, PA graciously sent their too cute pictures for the RR Fourth of July ...

Meet Chloe & Casper,
Rabbit Ramblings' 4th of July bunnies!
<< Insert "SQUEEE" here >>

(Chloe looks like a living Rorschach test)

And Daffney is preparing for the sunshine and cookout
(or maybe the fireworks ... be a dear and fetch her ear plugs, please).

P.S. Daffney, a lionhead, was adopted from the Bucks County SPCA.

Four lucky bunnies (two bonded couples) live together with well-trained human servants who have been adopting rabbits for over 20 years -- way to go!
Wisely, all bunnies are "math-impaired" (they can't multiply).

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Itty bitty baby bunnies

Scamper was found roaming around the backyard of a bunny loving family that already had 10 of their own house rabbits (Yay, team!). Scamper lucked out because this family knew what to do. Or maybe Scamper knew what she was looking for.

Scamper was caught and taken to Windward Animal Hospital. She had a full body x ray because there seemed to be something wrong with her backside. Nothing was broken so Scamper was taken to GHRS. She was nursed back to health and was strong enough to schedule her spay for last Monday. However, the spay will have to wait because Scamper had other plans -- Sunday night she delivered 8 babies. 

Pictures of Scamper and her 6 day old baby bunnehs are below.

If you would like to help with their care, you can donate here.
No donation is too small; all are appreciated.


Friday, June 27, 2014


[Press Release]
RICHMOND, CA (June 26, 2014) –House Rabbit Society is asking rabbit lovers to boycott Whole Foods Markets until they reconsider their decision to stop selling rabbit meat in their stores.
House Rabbit Society, an international rabbit rescue and advocacy organization headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, just learned that Whole Foods was planning on introducing rabbit meat in their Northern California stores.
We estimate that there are approximately 9 million pet rabbits in the United States, and that number is increasing every day. Indeed, after cats and dogs, rabbits are becoming one of America’s most popular pets; they are the third most popular companion mammal. In 25 years, House Rabbit Society has saved the lives of over 30,000 rabbits. Our website has over 400,000 hits each month from individuals interested in rabbits as house pets. These people would be as repelled by the idea of eating a rabbit as would most Americans of eating a cat or a dog for dinner.
Most people now know that rabbits are intelligent, funny, curious, and emotionally engaging animals, whose role in millions of American households rivals the family’s dog or cat. Our supporters do not want a cherished companion animal to be slaughtered and sold at Whole Foods.
Anne Martin, House Rabbit Society’s Executive Director, says “As Americans are eating less meat now than ever before, we are saddened by the fact that Whole Foods is adding our beloved companions to the list of animals sold at the meat counter.” Margo DeMello, House Rabbit Society’s President, continues, “Imagine the reaction of Whole Foods’ customers if they saw puppy and kitten carcasses in the meat case; that’s the reaction Whole Foods will receive from their customers who cherish their rabbit companions.”
We are calling upon our members, supporters, website visitors, and social media followers to immediately stop shopping at Whole Foods stores until the company stops selling rabbit meat.
House Rabbit Society is an international non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior through its international network of fosterers and educators, advocacy programs, and its no-kill rabbit shelter in Richmond, California.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bonded trio in the Bunmuda Triangle

This started with Ethel grooming Lucy. You can see that Lucy was requesting said loving by how far under Ethel's mouth/head she has shoved herself. Bunya came along and gave Ethel's ears a few licks. Then he starts looking around for one (or both) of the girls to groom him. Or for treats. He could be looking for treats.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shop at Kroger? Save bunnies at no cost to you!

Such a deal! Donations at no cost to you! Kroger will donate a portion of your purchases to GHRS - you buy your groceries and help save bunnies.

If you want, choose a different HRS chapter or even a different charity - but please don't let this generosity go to waste. If you shop elsewhere, ask if they have a similar program. Pass it on and spread the charity around. Thank you.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The bunny dining room got a little crowded

Oops - broke one of their two food dishes when washing them. We give them two in case they are not feeling sociable sometimes. Bunya learned some food aggressive behavior from Alice and will sometimes fuss (usually at Lucy) if he feels he's not getting his share of whatever's being served.

So for the short-term, they are sharing a dish. Hopefully, they can be civil at mealtimes until it's replaced.

(And yes, this was before Lucy got brushed)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Got treats?

This is Bunya's look when he is trying to mind meld with the human to command treats. Ethel wants some lovin', but he gets focused like this... he will sit and stare at me until they get something. Neither Lucy or Ethel do this, just Bunya. He knows what he's asking and when he gets it, hops off happily.

Bunya: You will give me treats!

To read about rabbit diet and what is a treat, read this post.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bunny Monday Meme*day

[Insert rimshot here]
Yes - an exceedingly cute one!
Although very disapproving.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bunnyfest 2014

Setting up space for adoptable bunnies
and Bunnyfest guests

Bunny in a pet stroller

Another stroller bunny

Bunny stockings
Bunny stockings

Bunny jacket

Bunnies of Bunnyfest!
(Just a few of them)

Attendees listening to announcement from the producers of the TV show "Animal House" (they are the ladies on the Skype screen at the front of the room).
You can read more about this here.